The Curators’ Rise

Using propaganda, deception, and outright lies, the sorcerers of the land persuaded the common people that they had the best interest of all in mind.

They persuaded the non-magic populace that those that inherited power by blood were meant to lead and rule over all.

In doing so these sorcerers, The Curators, also claimed that all other magical folk (wizards, druids, clerics, warlocks) were out to destroy the non-magic users of the world and establish a new world order.

The Curators’ claims spurred the greatest upheaval ever witnessed in Mal’Gant. Non-magic folk, driven on by the enchantments and fancy speech of the sorcerers, went home to home in blood-lust searching for all non-sorcerer magic peoples and burned them alive.

They also bound Orcs to lives of subjugation. The once proud race are now the largest group of enslaved peoples.